Baffled by the EU referendum?

Are you confused or disillusioned by all the facts been thrown around on the telly, on the radio, on social media?  You are not alone.

Lots of people are annoyed and confused by the often contradictory claims made by both sides and recent research has suggested that the average Brit’s understanding about the facts of the EU are off by up to 2000%.

We use independent and neutral research banks to find the information that we provide - you may find them useful too. Please, we urge all people voting on June 23rd to have researched the facts most important to them before voting:

Full Fact

Leave or Stay

WTF is Brexit

If you’re wanting to vote in, but haven’t been convinced yet, don’t despair, you probably haven’t heard of these great organisations making a strong, positive case for voting remain:

Scientists 4 EU

GB is NO Island


Another Europe is Possible


35 InForGraphics

Stronger In

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