Kiss of Death Mural

New A mural painted on the streets of Stokes Croft, Bristol yesterday, Monday 23  May 2016 , by the We Are Europe #InFor campaign to encourage vote registration. The mural featuring Boris Johnson and Donald Trump embracing in a passionate kiss, was created by local artists to highlight the urgency for young people to register to vote, and to vote IN to avoid a potential 'kiss of death'.    PHOTO:PAUL GILLIS /  *** Local Caption ***  (C)2016
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Yes, it was us.

Inspired by the 1990 Berlin Wall creation by Dmitri Vrubel, depicting Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker in a fraternal embrace, Paintsmiths Of Bristol worked with us to create this mural in Bristol that went global.

Why did we do it?

Successive UK governments have had a nasty habit of ignoring the young vote. That’s largely because young people don’t vote.

More importantly, there is a very real chance that if under 40s do not register and vote in numbers this June 23rd, in the UK we’ll find ourselves facing a very real Kiss of Death of our own.

Harriet Kingaby, one of our founders, said this image might be the “future” if we vote to leave the EU: “People need to look at this image and think - is this the future I want? Research shows that most people in their 20s and 30s would vote to remain in the EU, but 7.5 million people still haven’t registered to vote.”

The results were incredible. The mural went viral within a couple of hours and was shared across UK national media including Guardian, BBC and Telegraph, and the best thing? It even made it across the pond when CNN splashed it across their social channels!

Did you love our Boris-Trump mural?

Help support our crowdfund! We want to create more vivid and unique content that helps Brits stand up, say what they’re ‪#‎InFor, and register to vote in the EU referendum.

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