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The whole point of our campaign is to empower you guys to share with the world. So we’ve got loads of ways you can do just that. GIF Love!    Video Love! Head over to our YouTube channel to watch our videos and share away! Here’s a few of our favourites…

Don’t Fuck My Future

It only takes 5 seconds to mark an X on the ballot and stop others fucking with your future. We Are Europe were one of the many organisations that collaborated on ‘5 Seconds’ - a series of 30-second videos starring Keira Knightley, Lily Cole and Big Narstie encouraging everyone to vote on June 23rd. These awesome videos got…

Don’t let Boris take us backwards

Leaving the EU will undo years of progress on a number of key issues. (And no, not just the economy). Why is hardly anyone talking about it? Well we are - and you should too. We’re #InFor Clean Beaches. EU regulations cleaned up our beaches, and now protect them. It’s not funny anymore - don’t…

Campaign infor

#InFor #EuMates

We’re showing the world that most young people want to stay in the EU. Whether it’s your best friend from Uni, your work mate who makes Monday bearable, or the partner you met on a random bar crawl – European unions make our lives better and more meaningful when we build on each others cultural and personal strengths.…

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35 Reasons to be in the EU on June 23rd

What did the EU ever do for us? We’re releasing 35 things in 35 days all the way to June 23rd. Tired of all the negative, scaremongering baloney around the EU referendum? Us too. That’s why we want to keep things positive. Head over to our Facebook Photo Album as we share 35 WONDERFUL things to be #InFor each…



Did you know the recommended deadline to mail your postal vote application was Friday 3rd June? Nor did anyone else. Although the postal voting deadline was technically 5pm on June 8th, we were deeply concerned that this date was misleading. To apply for a postal vote you needed to register online; find the postal form;…

New A mural painted on the streets of Stokes Croft, Bristol yesterday, Monday 23  May 2016 , by the We Are Europe #InFor campaign to encourage vote registration. The mural featuring Boris Johnson and Donald Trump embracing in a passionate kiss, was created by local artists paintsmiths.org to highlight the urgency for young people to register to vote, and to vote IN to avoid a potential 'kiss of death'.    PHOTO:PAUL GILLIS / paulgillisphoto.com  *** Local Caption ***  (C)2016 paulgillisphoto.com
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Kiss of Death Mural

Yes, it was us. Inspired by the 1990 Berlin Wall creation by Dmitri Vrubel, depicting Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker in a fraternal embrace, Paintsmiths Of Bristol worked with us to create this mural in Bristol that went global. Why did we do it? Successive UK governments have had a nasty habit of ignoring the…

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